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THE MISSION - To promote fellow indie designers and tell everyone about their wonderful work and just how amazing they are. So what!? Why are we different? We have noticed that despite a high demand, there is lack of free representation for Indie designers in the UK, there are plenty of US sites, but what about when you want to reach an audience closer to home? So we are making it our business to fill the gap and get you designers and crafters seen - for free! Not from the UK but want to reach out to a new market? Thats ok, we'd love to feature you too.

THE ETHOS - Everyone benefits buying handmade. Fact. We know this and by the time we're finished the world will know it! Partners in Crime is about spreading the 'handmade' word, so come on - shout about it with us! We know that we don't know it all, and are always open to your suggestions to improving the site, so don't be shy.

THE PRODUCTS - Everything and anything handmade - the more unusual the better, we love discovering something completely different

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Quixotic Cards

Elaine Hughes of Quixotic Cards is a fabulous designer of handmade whimsical, speciality and luxury greetings cards.

You can read a little more about Quixotic Cards and get in contact via the website you can buy online at

Quixotic Cards also has a uniue range of cards for dog lovers, featuring sophisticated imagery of dogs in monochrome with splashes of red, these cards have a very elegant feel to them.

Elaine also has a blog where she talks about a bit of everything, including her book addiction! Check it out -

Although Quixoic Cards is UK based Elaine ships all these gorgeous cards worldwide.


EVY Designs said...

I love Elaine's beautiful cards, what a great feature :)

Quixotic said...

I fully intended to comment here sooner. I fact I was sure I had...memory playing tricks again!

Thank you for the wonderful feature post and your comments. Hugely appreciated!