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The November give away is here!!
The competition closes and the winner is announced on 30th November - details below!
THE MISSION - To promote fellow indie designers and tell everyone about their wonderful work and just how amazing they are. So what!? Why are we different? We have noticed that despite a high demand, there is lack of free representation for Indie designers in the UK, there are plenty of US sites, but what about when you want to reach an audience closer to home? So we are making it our business to fill the gap and get you designers and crafters seen - for free! Not from the UK but want to reach out to a new market? Thats ok, we'd love to feature you too.

THE ETHOS - Everyone benefits buying handmade. Fact. We know this and by the time we're finished the world will know it! Partners in Crime is about spreading the 'handmade' word, so come on - shout about it with us! We know that we don't know it all, and are always open to your suggestions to improving the site, so don't be shy.

THE PRODUCTS - Everything and anything handmade - the more unusual the better, we love discovering something completely different

Remember we need to work together to spread the word, so when you've been featured, tell everyone you know, to tell everyone they know, by linking back to us here, and before we know it- the whole world will know all about YOUR craft!


Arctic Circles

These tea towels with imagery of Bristol cranes are so unusual and striking, this unexpected mix works really well and could add a sophisticated edge to any kitchen.
Arctic Circles is run by Amy Kimber, who is a small scale designer based in Bristol, who loves snow, and reularly travels northwards to Scandinavia, a destination that inspires a lot of her work. A lot of Amy's work is exhibited and sold at the "Here Gallery" in Bristol, where she has recently had a gocco show with print makers from all over the world. The Here Gallery have just released a gocco print box set entitled "Even Dwarves Start Small". Click on the link and check it out!
You can find prints and lots more on the Arctic Circles website, including, vintage jewellery, stationary, scraflettes, brooches and more! You can buy internationally on the website



...The winner of our NOVEMBER give away is comment NUMBER 4!!*

You are soon to be the proud owner of the beautiful CeeGee Jewellery Swarovski Star Pendant.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we hope you will be back in the new year to enter January's great give away!

*The winner was chosen using a random number generator


Pretty Little Love Objects

Pretty Little Love Objects is a great jewellery shop run by Jodie, a 23 year old British girl with a BA in history who is currently working her way through a marketing qualification while crafting, writing and working a full time job.

Jodie says "I was an indie kid back in the nineties and all the girls wore hundreds of beaded stretch bracelets. Buying my own glow in the dark beads and stringing materials pretty much began my beading obsession. I love searching through fairs and finding new quality suppliers and make original, individual pieces from whatever is in my massive stash at the moment. All my items are designed to be objects of desire, something you’ll love and keep on gazing at for years. My pieces are very textual, made for touching as well as for making your friend jealous. Buy someone else a little love object or gift yourself a jewel and become the object of your own affections."
‘Bottle Treasure’ necklace is an eclectic collection of beads and glass pearls, that complement the small treasure bottle pendant, filled with semi-precious gem chips. Red, patterned glass hearts are combined with smaller glass hearts, featuring flower detail, in red, pink and white. Grey Czech glass pearls, long red glass cylinders and hanging bronze glass bee nest beads (also featuring small flower detail) are allowed to stand out by being surrounded by simple red seed beads. The necklace is fastened with a medium sized, smooth black button clasp. The necklace’s rich colour scheme ensures that the whole piece is as attractive as the stunning and unusual necklace.

And guess what, if you’re looking for advice on love from a very demanding romantic, check out Jodie's weekly spot on the front page of Beautiful and Fabulous

So, after all that, I better tell you where you can get all these 'bottle treasures' and much more from! Visit where you can buy internationally.


Zouzou Designs

Zouzou Designs is home to these amazing Russian and Japanese lavender dolls. A couple of years ago Caroline decided to combine her love of sewing with her love of Russian dolls and Kokeshi dolls. She thought it would be a great idea to fill them with lavender too, for its relaxing and stress relieving properties.

The dolls are all handmade from original designs and patterns using good quality new and recycled materials. Choose between lavender or polyester filling. Due to import/export regulations, lavender cannot be sent from the UK to destinations outside Europe. However, dolls with polyester filling love to travel and can be shipped anywhere in the world!

You can buy these little dolls at -


November giveaway with CeeGee Jewellery

One very lucky winner could soon be the proud wearer of this beautiful Swarovski Pendant, courtesy of CeeGee Jewellery Design, run by Carolyn Grant.

Entirely self-taught, Carolyn spent 10 years working in banking in London, before relocating back to Cheshire where she grew up. A newly discovered love of jewellery-making led to a total career change and the creation of her business. Carolyn works exclusively in sterling silver with a particular focus on semi-precious gemstones, and loves sourcing handmade lampwork beads directly from the glass artist for use in her designs.

“I’ve always loved gemstones and anything with a bit of sparkle, but never dreamed I’d end up doing this for a living. I get a real buzz from seeing people wearing my jewellery, and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through all the designs I want to try.”

There’s a wide selection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces available on her website, with bridal and vintage lines to be introduced next year.

Visit for secure online shopping, with international shipping and gift wrapping available. CeeGee Jewellery can also be found on Etsy and Folksy.

So what do you need to do to get your hands on this gorgeous give away?
Its easy, head over to CeeGee Jewellery Design now, have a good look around the site and then pop back here and leave a comment on this post about all the beautiful handmade jewellery you've seen. Leaving your email address is optional, as the winning name will be posted on this blog and asked to contact us to receive their prize.

The winner will be announced on Partners in Crime on 30th November - Good Luck everyone!


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